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Drawex Rzetelna Firma
Upholstered furniture and hotel

Upholstered furniture from our collection is created by the craft and passion of our designers as well as due to the engagement and care of our whole staff. All our sets of furniture are designed in a way to fufill the ergonomics, esthetics, comfort and safety norms. We produce furniture which are functional and suitable for small rooms such as: corner sofas, coaches, armchairs and poufs, as well as big comfortable sofas which perfectly arrange in spacious living-rooms. We are still introducing new improved models in modern coloured paterrned fabrics with the usage of ecological production technologies. Our furniture is the symbol and guarantee of high quality and solidity simultanously we preserve reasonable prices. We invite you to familiarize with our offer.

Metal furniture frames

Metal furniture frameworks for uholstered furniture is the second important direction in company’s production. Bearing construction of frameworks are made of closed metal profiles. They are filled with curved layered stick springing slats or propylaeum foudation. We also fulfill the expectations of individual clients implementing their new solutions and solving their current needs and problems. Our offer is extended to flexibly-glued armchairs, springing slats and accessories for uholstered furniture like: furniture legs, elevations, wavy springs, slats and springs handles, blinds. Longterm presence on the market as well as experience in the furniture business is the guarantee of solidity to our clients. Consignees of our products are reputable furniture producers from our country and abroad. We are a trustworthy partner who guarantees high quality products and competitive prices

Profiles bent

Lifting furniture and accessories

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